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On May 24th, I posted a speech by Mary Helen Berlanga as she cast her vote against the new social studies curriculum standards in the state of Texas.  I wanted to post a video clip of her speech along with my blog post but, after several days, the video still wasn’t available. “Part 1” of the meeting was posted within a few days of the meeting, but as of today, there is still not “Part 2”.  “Part 1”, by the way, consists of the Trinity High School Harmony Show Choir singing Broadway tunes.  Since the Texas Education Administration still has not posted the video of the vote,  I post The Lullabye of Broadway, red sequins included.  :facepalm: :headdesk:


Let’s get some perspective on the spill in the gulf.  Destroying our gulf is horrible.  Destroying our planet is a crime against humanity. So, for some much needed perspective, I give you – Nigeria:

In fact, more oil is spilled from the delta’s network of terminals, pipes, pumping stations and oil platforms every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico, the site of a major ecological catastrophe caused by oil that has poured from a leak triggered by the explosion that wrecked BP‘s Deepwater Horizon rig last month. Continue Reading »


Bullet has muzzle velocity, so great
1235 feet per second
and 1.2 seconds later it meets Steel Helmet
who held up as well as he might, Bullet
but Bullets force was great and he
was melting and vaporizing and
spritzing out tiny blobs of lead
as Helmet gave in
inward bulged the steal and
on rushed Bullet 1.204 seconds
after leaving Muzzle-
jagged edges behind him he met
Hair who held him up nowise in his Journey
Skin gave way to mushroomed Bullet and
Bones deformed at his will
671 feet a second he went as he tore Continue Reading »

When the oil leak was first discovered, the predictions were dire.  If the blowout preventer valve did not work, we would have to go to the unpalatable plan B:  The Relief Well.

In case [the blowout preventer valve] doesn’t work, BP PLC (BP.), which leased the Deepwater, moved another deepwater rig, the  DD3, toward the explosion site. If necessary, the new rig would drill relief wells into the damaged well underneath the ocean floor. That could take several months.

Now here is where things go awry.  Instead of keeping us in “worse case scenario” mode, BP and the administration tried to deflect criticism by letting us know too much and losing focus. My twenty-four years in the construction industry gave me plenty of experience in breaking bad news.  Here are a few tips: Continue Reading »

Mary Helen Berlanga (D), the senior member of the Texas State Board of Education, threw her books on the ground in disgust as she cast her vote of “no” on the High School Social Studies curriculum. She vented her frustration at the unorthodox and “piecemeal” fashion in which the curriculum had been designed, and called the process “unbelievable”.  She also states:

  • …we’re beginning to sound like Germany.
  • What we have done today, and what we had done yesterday, is something that a classroom teacher would not have even accepted. They would have thrown that paper in the trash…
  • So when we look at history, we might as well say, Hispanics don’t exist.
  • Things that were so racially motivated; they had to ban them. Continue Reading »

With the recent release of Squeaky Fromme, a conversation with a friend turned toward the Manson family.  I remarked, “I remember when Charles Manson was first up for parole.  I had just read Helter Skelter and I was terrified TERRIFIED he’d be released.  I had nightmares all the time”  Then it struck me.  Manson was up for parole in 1978.  I had already read Helter Skelter.  I was at the most 11 years old.  No wonder I had nightmares, I WAS FREAKIN’ 11 YEARS OLD! HELLOOO??? PARENTS???  SHIT.

See what happens when you are the fourth child?  The novelty of “parenthood” had long worn off Mom & Dad.

My childhood was far from ideal. It was often tension filled and violent.

My father worked at the federal penitentiary and often brought home hostility from the job. My mother, a very passive and quiet woman, did not work. She stayed home to raise me and my four sisters.

When I was in the seventh grade, my father lost his job. Was he fired?  Did he quit? To this day I do not know.  All I do know, is that our lives quickly spiraled downward.

My father went from job to job, but we never existed on government welfare.  None of these jobs were the type that had benefits.  He received  a real estate license but was unsuccessful. He tried selling motorcycles and was fired from that.  Nothing panned out for him.  He even took a job at a local Wendy’s fast food for a time. Continue Reading »