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Candidate Barack Obama ran in the Center and leaned Left.  He never claimed to be a far Left candidate,  that was a label given to him by the GOP.  Apparently the Left listened to the GOP’s claims rather than listening to the man himself, because boy, are they mad now.

See, we have a media that can only recognize the Left and the Right, so the far Left did not hear reports of Obama’s Center based agenda.  So here they are, realizing the truth on their own. They feel betrayed, not by the media, but by Obama.

We also have a right that really doesn’t know what to think, except Obama = Bad. Now, possibly, if the right heard honest assessment from a Center-biased reporter about, oh say,  a million times it may sink in that Obama is not more liberal than Jesus. Then the Right may say, “Ya know, the center isn’t so far from the right. This guy really isn’t as radical as I’ve been led to believe.” (more…)


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Mary Helen Berlanga (D), the senior member of the Texas State Board of Education, threw her books on the ground in disgust as she cast her vote of “no” on the High School Social Studies curriculum. She vented her frustration at the unorthodox and “piecemeal” fashion in which the curriculum had been designed, and called the process “unbelievable”.  She also states:

  • …we’re beginning to sound like Germany.
  • What we have done today, and what we had done yesterday, is something that a classroom teacher would not have even accepted. They would have thrown that paper in the trash…
  • So when we look at history, we might as well say, Hispanics don’t exist.
  • Things that were so racially motivated; they had to ban them. (more…)

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