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Wouldn’t we all love to live in the Gumdrop Mountains with the GOP?  A place where the collapse of our financial system is an ant, the oil disaster in the Gulf is caramel-colored mousse and incest is just one of those lemons that life hands you?

Unfortunately, we do not live in Candy Land. We live in the real world, where the collapse of our financial system has left  8.4 million unemployed and 3 million homes foreclosed upon.  The oil disaster is the largest in U.S. history.  Countless birds, mammals, and fish have perished.  It is possible that up to 1 million job losses may result from this river of oil and it will likely be several decades before our Gulf recovers.

However, this latest happy face put on incest by Sharron Angle is the most appalling of all.  It is a disgusting to even consider that a 13-year-old who is raped by her father, then becomes pregnant is merely dealing with one of life’s lemons.  No, Ms. Angle.  Incest is rape.  Incest is violent.  Incest is scarring.  Incest breaks families.  Incest breaks people.


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