Ethics in Media 101

1.  When in doubt, it’s Obama’s fault.

2. When not in doubt, it’s Obama’s fault

3.  Obama is an easy target.

4.   If you screw up, divert attention.  See Rules #1, 2, and 3.

Rule #2 courtesy of @KarenOleet via twitter


In a banner headline this morning, the Washington Post heralded, “6 in 10 Americans lack faith in Obama”.  From the poll: 43% of Americans approve of Obama’s job on the economy while 56% disapprove. Most Americans perceive the economy as negative, although far fewer see it as badly as they did in 2009.

The job losses for the 3 months prior to the stimulus taking effect were 750,000 per month. As of the end of June, 2010, America has added over 593,000 jobs this year. These figures seem at odds with the negative poll results. ABC’s White House correspondent Jake Tapper, recently posted on twitter that 7 out of 10 Americans say there has been no economic benefit to the stimulus. Yet economists confirm that there have been benefits, as evidenced by the growth in job numbers. The message is not getting to the voters. Continue Reading »

Wouldn’t we all love to live in the Gumdrop Mountains with the GOP?  A place where the collapse of our financial system is an ant, the oil disaster in the Gulf is caramel-colored mousse and incest is just one of those lemons that life hands you?

Unfortunately, we do not live in Candy Land. We live in the real world, where the collapse of our financial system has left  8.4 million unemployed and 3 million homes foreclosed upon.  The oil disaster is the largest in U.S. history.  Countless birds, mammals, and fish have perished.  It is possible that up to 1 million job losses may result from this river of oil and it will likely be several decades before our Gulf recovers.

However, this latest happy face put on incest by Sharron Angle is the most appalling of all.  It is a disgusting to even consider that a 13-year-old who is raped by her father, then becomes pregnant is merely dealing with one of life’s lemons.  No, Ms. Angle.  Incest is rape.  Incest is violent.  Incest is scarring.  Incest breaks families.  Incest breaks people.

Candidate Barack Obama ran in the Center and leaned Left.  He never claimed to be a far Left candidate,  that was a label given to him by the GOP.  Apparently the Left listened to the GOP’s claims rather than listening to the man himself, because boy, are they mad now.

See, we have a media that can only recognize the Left and the Right, so the far Left did not hear reports of Obama’s Center based agenda.  So here they are, realizing the truth on their own. They feel betrayed, not by the media, but by Obama.

We also have a right that really doesn’t know what to think, except Obama = Bad. Now, possibly, if the right heard honest assessment from a Center-biased reporter about, oh say,  a million times it may sink in that Obama is not more liberal than Jesus. Then the Right may say, “Ya know, the center isn’t so far from the right. This guy really isn’t as radical as I’ve been led to believe.” Continue Reading »

When I read McChrystal’s remarks last night, I was furious. He showed blatant disrespect for his Commander-In-Chief. This was insubordination pure and simple. How could McChrystal lead our troops in this manner? As this morning came, the McChrystal story was all over the news. It was THE story of the day. The more I heard, the more I demanded McChrystal’s head. He had to go. He must be fired.  Obama has summoned McChrystal to Washington! Gibbs is visibly angry at the White House press briefing!  Here we go – this guy is going to pay! Then, we hear that McChrystal has offered up a resignation.  No way! Reject it and fire him! But, then our President says this: Continue Reading »

“Is Obama doing too much?” Remember that meme that circulated for what seemed an eternity? What was he doing then … hmmm… the stimulus, health care, two wars… Time and time again we heard – IT’S TOO MUCH! IT’S TOO MUCH! IT’S TOO F*CKING MUCH! OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

You know who definitely was not doing too much. The FRACKING PRESS. While they were obsessing and might I add, presenting us with extremely LAZY journalism, they could have been reporting stories of how oil companies were skirting their inspections and dangerously cutting corners. They could have been warning us of the impending doom in the Gulf because obviously they all knew. But they didn’t. Continue Reading »

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